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    23 Beautiful Scandinavian Living Room Designs

    Scandinavian design is one of my favorite ones because it’s calm, harmonious and very stylish. Choosing this style for a living room décor is a good idea as simple colors and designs will help you to relax. Black and white are awesome and simple, maybe add some grey touches and natural wood, of course. For a warmer feel choose beige, brown and mint. The furniture and accessories can be simple and just leaving a slight accent – there’s no need in bright colors or something. A hearth or a fireplace will add coziness a little bit, so don’t hesitate to make one. Look at some inspiring ideas below and enjoy!…

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    23 Classy And Inspiring Industrial Living Room Designs

    Industrial is really in trend due to its peculiar look, it’s easy in creating and very affordable. Mixing this style with touches of other styles helps to personalize the space as you like. For example, brick walls and industrial furniture look great in black and white minimalist color scheme; you can make it softer with rustic details, fluffy rugs or pillows. Industrial living rooms with mid-century or retro touches look just breath-taking! Just take an industrial background like concrete or brick walls, wooden or concrete floors and add stylish mid-century furniture – you’ll get an amazing space! Don’t be afraid to add color to an industrial living room – bold…

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    23 Beach Style Living Room Design Ideas

    We’ve already told you about sea-inspired bathrooms and bedrooms and now it’s time for one of the most important rooms in the house where you gather with friends and family – a living room! Coastal, beach and sea-inspired spaces are so cute and cozy! Aqua, blue and turquoise are fantastic, bright and raise your mood! But it’s not necessary to make your living room in cold shades if you don’t want to, just choose warm beach-inspired colors and add accessories. Accessories and details are so amazing that I can’t stop thinking of such an interior for my own living space! Just look at those star fish, sea urchins, fish and…

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    20 Amazingly Eclectic Living Room Designs

    Whenever Eclecticism is being brought up in the table, it is the 19th century that comes to mind, during which the Architecture of Borrowing and Free Selection was established. It was a movement wherein the approach was totally from a different angle – being able to draw about different concepts and theories and just mixing them all up and making sure that there is this specific idea that is complementary to one another. It may seem mixed up or cluttered but as experts say, it is rather common in our society. Basically, when we want to achieve an eclectic approach to a specific room, for example a living room, all…

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    Bright and Beautiful Scandinavian Bedroom Design Ideas

    Scandinavian style is one of the world’s most popular styles. Encompasses three different Nordic styles – country, Gustavian and Scandinavian modern style. All three are consistent of bright and fresh color palette, and an abundance of wood pieces, meant to counteract the dark, cold winters. Neutral palette of the Swedish, Danish and Norwegian landscape combined with frayed furniture resulted in this style that is at the very top of the design world. Long winters with short days are bringing with it the need for interiors that will make up for the lack of light, so Scandinavian style features with bright colors, natural materials and limpid. The overall look of one…

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    23 Cool Rustic Bedroom Design Ideas

    Rustic style conquers the world! Feeling in some countryside, in relaxed atmosphere and with nature outside and even inside is beyond price. We’ve already told you of rustic kitchens and now it’s time to go to sleep in rustic chic. Rustic style can be many-sided: with touches of natural, vintage, shabby chic, minimalism, industrial and feminine styles. Taken as the base of the décor rustic style brings extreme coziness and warmness even in combination with industrial and minimalist styles. Wooden beams, floors, walls and ceiling – that’s a perfect base; then add some natural wooden furniture, checked patterns, antler and fur are the characteristic things for such interiors. Any color…

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    20 Farmhouse Bedroom Design Ideas

    Farmhouse style is one of the sweetest and the most inviting as its traditionalism makes any space super cozy. Wanna know how to create such a bedroom? Choose the color scheme you like: calm and pastel or, on the contrary, bright and cheerful. Rustic and shabby chic furniture will be the base of your décor; you can also add some industrial pieces or decorations – they’ll look good. To give your bedroom that special traditional rustic look, add natural and maybe rough wood and woven items. For French farmhouse style go for refined vintage furniture and light textiles. Look at the ideas below and get inspired for creating a wonderful…

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    20 Industrial Bedroom Designs That Inspire Home

    Industrial style is gaining popularity now and it is suitable for any room you choose. If you hesitate and think that it’s too rough or gloomy for a bedroom, we are ready to assuage your doubts! Industrial style is considered masculine but I assure you – it can be even feminine if you choose the right colors and accessories. The most popular wall décor for industrial spaces is brick, just white or rough wood.; add an eye-catching detail, for examples, an oversized art piece. To continue the style take metal pipe furniture, and the bed may be on wheels – looks amazing! Industrial spaces aren’t devoid of color, so paint…

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    23 Beautiful Beach Style bedroom designs

    Beach, holidays and lots of sunlight and soft breeze – that’s what we all dream about! To save your holiday impressions you may decorate one of the rooms with beach or sea details and accessories. Dark blue, turquoise, color of sand and white splashes are a great color scheme, very relaxing and calm. Add sea shells, starfish and urchins, sea-inspired candleholders and pictures and voila, your delicate beach-inspired space is ready! Vintage suitcases and baskets for storage are ideal to highlight the theme. Some unexpected details like an oar or a boat model would be a perfect accent. Enjoy brilliant designs below and get inspired! View More : Eclectic Bedroom Designs…

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    Eclectic Bedroom Designs That Will Give You Creative Ideas

    The eclectic bedroom interior design, just as any other eclectic interior design is a very personal space. The reason behind this is very simple. The eclectic interior design allows you to use objects such as decorations, accents and furniture pieces that you have obtained from somewhere because you really liked them. If your interior design is not eclectic, those objects might not fit well and will be an eyesore. Welcome to our latest interior design collection of bedrooms which features Eclectic Bedroom Designs That Will Give You Creative Ideas. This collection presents a great way to get creative ideas that you can use in your very own eclectic bedroom along…

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