21 Stunning Glam Kitchen Design Ideas You’ll Love

Kitchen is one of the places in a house that gets lots of traffic and a whole lot of dirt and mess. But of course there are always ways to make your interior picture-worthy and this time, we’re sharing on how to glam up your kitchen and take it to the next level. It’s not just a place to cook dinner, it’s an interior design, it’s decor that deserves to be featured in a magazine. Metallic accents will give your kitchen a glamorous touch no matter its style or design: silver, bronze, rose or yellow gold work especially great in neutral black and white interiors. Patterned, metallic, or textured, interesting backsplash tile will bring character to the kitchen design. Other accessories that can really make a difference and give your kitchen that glamorous look are a chandelier and a wood slab countertop. Get inspired! Click To Read More

33 Amazing Black Kitchen Design Ideas To Rock

Black kitchen is a practical solution for a modern home. It’s stylish beyond words and it can handle lots of traffic and cooking. If you aren’t afraid of darker color schemes a black kitchen is not a mere practical solution though; it’s an entire style statement. Black is a strong color and is rarely used alone so many kitchens may feature black cabinets and kitchen islands but the walls, floors, and ceilings are usually made white for contrast. While this is an absolutely classic way to go about it we propose something more daring. Look how to rock this color stylishly and combine it various accents below. Click To Read More

31 Stylish Narrow Kitchen Design Ideas For Your Home

Small kitchens can be frustratingly crammed, especially narrow ones, but there are always a few design solutions that could transform small space into a stylish room. The key to successful narrow kitchen design is functionality. Storage and working surfaces are such necessities that can be installed along both or just one wall. When it comes to design, choosing light colors is better if you’re looking to make the kitchen look and feel bigger. But if you want you can install colored cabinets to contrast with the floor, opposite wall, or rest of the furniture. You can also go for bigger windows if the architecture allows or even install a skylight. You can tuck a seating area closer to the window and still have a freestanding cabinet to keep all the tableware or function as a pantry. Look at the ideas below to get inspired! Click To Read More

23 Amazing Geometric Kitchen Design Ideas To Everyone

We continue geometric design theme, and today it’s all about kitchens. The easiest way to incorporate trendy geometric patterns in the kitchen is making an awesome geo tile backsplash. There are lots and lots cool tiles that allow to create a geometric pattern or are painted like that. Another way is to decorate your walls or floors with such patterns; if you love sculptural shapes, a geometric-shaped kitchen island or tables and stools will impress everyone. If you are a DIYer, then you can paint the furniture or dye the rugs in some cool geo patterns. Of course, geometric lights and chandeliers are a great finishing touch for such a trendy space. Get inspired! Click To Read More

20 Inspiring Bold Color Ideas For Small Kitchens

It’s winter, the time of pale colors and light shades but if your soul demands something bright, decorate your home in bold colors. If your kitchen is small, which is a frequent case, you need to visually make your it bigger and of course positive because it’s the heart of your home. If the space isn’t filled with sunlight, try lemon yellow or pistachio, if it’s a southern side of you home, go for cold green, turquoise, blue. Choose glossy surfaces as they create an additional volume and a dramatic effect. Why don’t we recommend orange? It’s not a good color for a kitchen as it raises your appetite, and white isn’t recommended for the same reason – it spoils appetite. Get inspired by the ideas below! Click To Read More