On a Tight Budget for Your Wedding

These days, weddings are one of the most expensive occasions whether you are the bride or just part of the bridal party. From wedding planning alone with the wedding planners to choosing the wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, flower girl dresses and all other accessories, a bride can already feel the burden on her pocket. Meanwhile, as this is a very grand and important day to prepare for, as a bride, you need to relax and make every move one step at a time. The day will soon come to an end with happy faces and fulfillment.

Plan ahead of Time

Planning ahead of time makes everything easier and cheaper whilst making everything look expensive. Planning usually takes time, normally it starts one year prior to the wedding date. Within this period of time, you can prepare a lot of things, such as preparing and distributing the wedding invitations ahead of time and choosing a very affordable yet unique and lovely wedding dress. You can also have the chance to check with the bridesmaids which bridesmaid dresses will be suitable for the theme of the wedding. Apart from that, the bridesmaids will have the ample time to help you out with the other preparations.

Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party

Normally, this is being thrown by the bridal party or family members meanwhile it is not really a big deal nowadays. Some brides are now practical, they chose to spend more on the wedding day itself.

Small or Big Wedding

As much as you want to invite everyone that you know, far or close friends, you might just end up going for a small wedding. Having just your close friends and your close family members and relatives on your most special day will make the occasion worthwhile. It will still be a day full of fun, best wishes and love. In addition, if it will just be small wedding, you can choose just two to four bridesmaids to help the guests, whilst choosing two lovely princesses dressed in their charming white flower girl dresses.

Wedding Venue and Wedding Reception

The location will be so important as it is where you will be walking down the aisle with your beautiful wedding dress, likewise, it is where you will have most memories be captured, which includes you both saying your wedding vows, as well as, your first kiss as a couple and of course, it is where you will be pronounced to be husband and wife. Choosing the church as a venue will be cheaper than choosing a hotel hall. At church, it is already well decorated and all you need to do would just add some decors that would make the wedding day theme. On the other hand, if you have a wide backyard or a garden and the wedding day falls on a summer season, a garden wedding would also be lovely. It can be both be a wedding venue and a wedding reception, where it will be more accessible to the guests as there will be no need to travel from the venue to the reception.

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