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10 Cool Glass Staircase Designs

We all know how cool glass staircases look like. The easiest way to check that out by yourself is to visit some Apple stores that feature them. Although sometimes such staircases also could be found in the residential houses and lofts. There are different models of them from different combinations of glass and other materials. Although any glass staircase could become an unique and eye-catching feature of a house. Here are some design inspirations for you. Click To Read More

10 Cool Floating Staircase Designs

There are usually two kinds of people, ones that likes floating staircases and want to have them at their homes, and ones that think that such staircases are dangerous. Floating staircases are usually very elegant, stylish and minimalist. They are perfect for modern interiors and for those people who like to live on the edge. Sometimes they have railings on the side, sometimes they haven’t. Ones that haven’t are definitely dangerous so they could be used only if you haven’t kids. Some of floating staircases are good looking enough to become the centerpiece of the ground floor of any house. In case you’re thinking about designing such staircase in your home check out cool floating staircases designs we could find. Click To Read More

10 Cool Spiral Staircase Designs

Any spiral staircase is a very practical solution to connect several floors in your home. Such staircase usually is quite compact and also can have very pleasant look. You can find spiral stairs made of a variety of materials and their combinations including steel, iron, wood, aluminum and so on. In case you have a difficult layout situation, curved staircase is the best option for you. Here are some best designs of spiral staircases we could find for you. Click To Read More

10 Cool Space Saving Staircase Designs

Staircases are such things that could be as eye catching as practical. They can connect sever floors of your home and provide some book or other small things storage. They also can be very compact in case you don’t need an additional storage space and your space is at the premium. In case you have a difficult layout situation you might find some interesting staircase design ideas here. Click To Read More

17 Incredible Shabby Chic Staircase Design Ideas

Having captured the imagination of homeowners across the globe, shabby chic is a style that promises to top the trend charts when it comes to interior design and decorating in 2016 as well. This is a style that combines comfort, elegance, a celebration of the past and modern overtones with seamless brilliance as you create a relaxing and ravishing home. From floral prints and fine antiques to flea market finds and sparkling chandeliers, shabby chic truly has it all! While we’ve already featured some of the best bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens that embrace this style, today we turn our focus to staircases Click To Read More

17 Beautiful Mediterranean Staircase Design Ideas

The Mediterranean design style is known for its grandiose structures and large interior spaces no matter what type of room it is applied on. This means that even an area such as the staircase and hallway, which are most commonly small spaces between the rooms, will appear as a space which is bigger than needed. But with this style, you also get something else when applied to the staircase. You get a majestic looking piece of art right in the center of your home. And you will love it because you have to use it multiple times during the day which means that you’ll be able to enjoy it quite often. The Mediterranean staircase design will also take care of the surrounding hallway by turning into something that you might think came out of a palace. Click To Read More

20 Beach Style Staircase Designs For Beach Homes

If you are decorating your beach house or just want to add a sea-inspired touch to your interior, a nautical staircase is an ideal variant – not too into your eyes and rather easy to make. Natural worn wood is ideal as it reminds of a deck. You can paint it with blue and white – just some stripes will be great, or maybe dividing the staircase in two contrasting parts – blue and white? Make a brass pipe handrail detail – it feels like you are on a boat! Handrail made from rope looks very original and is so easy to make! Get more inspiring ideas below! Click To Read More

20 Excellent Traditional Staircases Design Ideas

Traditional style is very popular nowadays. Wood, stone, simple materials and colors all that can be well combined and make one amazing interior design that everybody will love. Among the most popular styles are traditional English style of the eighteenth century, neoclassicism of the nineteenth century French provincial style and rebirth of British Colonial style. The main characteristic of traditional interior design is the wood. Click To Read More