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    4 Tips for Creating an Outdoor Living Area

    With the right furniture and the right ideas, even the blandest outdoor space can be turned into an enjoyable living space. The following 4 tips will help you to design and build the outdoor living area of your dreams. Assess Your Space The size and type of space that you have available to you to set up your outdoor living area will dictate what kind of plants and furniture you can consider to populate and decorate it with. If there is a specific piece of furniture that you want to have in your outdoor space, or a certain activity that you want to use it for, the space available to…

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    5 Things to Consider When Selecting Outdoor Blinds

    Did you ever plan an outdoor event but you were worried about how the weather would affect your day? The rain and the sunshine can be enjoyable as long as you’re not directly exposed to these elements. This is especially true if you’re hosting an event outdoors. You want to be able to shelter people from the scorching heat or the pouring rain. The wind can also be troublesome sometimes especially if it’s blowing at high speeds. So how do you keep yourself and your guests comfortable if you’re experiencing erratic weather? The answer is outdoor blinds. Outdoor blinds are sheets of material that can enclose an area when it’s…

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    5 Design Ideas For Your New Outdoor Building

    So, you have invested in an outdoor steel building or brand new shed but what are you doing to do with it? These types of buildings take a reasonable amount of DIY and money to build so there’s no reason to use it simply for storage space! Here, we are going to give you some ideas on how you can design your new building to make it special. Keep reading to find out more. Outdoor Cocktail Bar Many people dream of having their own cocktail bar in their back garden, but few actually go through with it. If you have invested in a new steel building or a shed, then…

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    Gorgeous Modern Outdoor Design Ideas

    Landscaping isn’t just for spring! As summer temperatures begin to drop and we spend more and more time outdoors, we’re often left staring at our yards, noticing gaps in the landscaping as we make our “dream list” of improvements. I am one such dreamer. And if you’re like me, your budget may not allow you to do everything at once. I have my plans for this fall, and I have my plans for this spring. But that doesn’t mean I can’t compile a big picture as we speak! Today we celebrate the return of gorgeous weather by rounding up a slew of gorgeous spaces. Which one speaks to your style?…

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    20 Refreshing Outdoor Deck Designs

    We’ve already told you of some terraces, porches, ponds and fountains to design your garden. Now maybe you need a deck – a place covered with wooden planks, kind of a terrace somewhere in your garden. What’s cool about a deck? You may walk barefoot and enjoy natural wood under your feet which is always warm due to the sun light. You may make a deck terrace, or a deck near the pool to lie in the sun, or create a gazebo for having meals outdoors. Veggie garden near the deck, or just some trees and plants would do but if you want some romance, put a jacuzzi and a…

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    17 Beautiful Scandinavian Outdoor Designs

    Even if you are not familiar with the Scandinavian style, there is no doubt that you can tell where it originates from by its name. This means that the houses most commonly designed in this style are located in the Nordic areas of the world where the weather is quite cold and spending a lot of time sitting outside is not very enjoyable. This is one of the reasons for which we were unable to find a lot of outdoor designs from this style so we have decided to combine designs of all outdoor areas in one collection so don’t be surprised if you designs of Scandinavian decks, porches, swimming…

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    23 Beautiful Mediterranean Outdoor Areas

    In the Mediterranean regions patios, porches, roof terraces and other outdoor areas are the favorite area of the house for breakfast or dinners, family entertainment, chill and relax and even afternoon siestas in summertime. Light or bold colors, lush greenery, flowers, water bodies, natural wood, fireplaces and built-in furniture – there are various ideas to get this relaxed and beautiful décor. You can get the same look (and even a better one!), and if you are looking for inspiration to achieve this look in your home, today we’ve rounded up beautiful Mediterranean outdoor areas to get inspired, have a look at the pics below and get inspired! View More : Gorgeous…

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    20 Comfy Rustic Patio Designs

    During any season we want to stay outdoors, even in winter to enjoy a snow fall. That’s why it’s very important how you decorate your garden, porch and patio. You can create any style and any atmosphere you want. If you want maximal coziness, choose rustic style. The first thing you need is rough wood or wicker furniture, then rustic fabrics – tablecloths or pillows. Now you can add any accessories you like: candle holders and lanterns, weary pieces for shabby chic style, antlers for hunter’s style, stump tables for natural style. Below you’ll find more examples how to decorate a patio in rustic style, enjoy and get inspired! View…

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    20 Awesome Beach Style Outdoor Design Ideas

    Are you always missing the beach scenery enjoyed when you were on vacation last year or before? So why not build a beach style outdoor living space in your porch and yard that will make you always feel like on vacation at the seaside? This is a great and exacting idea. You can bring your beach finds to your home’s outdoor. For example, such items as the buoys, blue porch floors, a sculptural piece of driftwood, and seashells all can be used to create nautical themed decor. Want more creative ideas? Come to us and enjoy the outdoors! View More : 20 Comfy Rustic Patio Designs 20 Awesome Beach Style Outdoor…

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