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23 Beautiful Shabby Chic Kids Room Designs

When I look at shabby chic kids’ rooms, I wish I had a little daughter! Shabby chic style is one of the most popular for children’s spaces, to be precise, for girls’ rooms because such a cute and chic style is perfect for a little princess. Pink, blush, grey, white, pastels combined with ruffles and floral patterns will become a breathtaking base for such a room. Then you’ll need vintage and shabby chic furniture: a canopy bed, cute cabinets and open shelves, a table, a play kitchen and chairs. Crystal chandeliers, lamps, buntings, signs and flower decorations are right what you need, and if it’s possible, find shabby chic toys to continue the theme. Make your little princess happy! Click To Read More

23 Charming Mid Century Modern Kids Room Design Ideas

If you designed the whole home in mid-century modern style, all the rooms should continue the idea, including the kids room. This roundup is full of idea to design a mid-century modern kids’ room and to make it look softer and cuter. Choose the colors your kids love and add mid-century modern furniture; go for chevron, stripes and geometrical patterns. Neutral colors will give the space a slight Scandinavian touch, bold colors will leave a boho feel. Don’t forget of mid-century modern textiles and furniture covers, they will help you to give a flavor to the space. Mid-century modern style is very cozy, so your kids are sure to love it! Click To Read More

20 Beautiful Modern Kids Room Designs

If you want to make quality kids room you should take care for all needed details. It should contain the whole required equipment for one kid to feel free and comfortable and to have opportunity to express its creativity and affinities. On the other side it should be warm and bright, painted in your kid`s favorite colors. When decorating kids room you should plan more space for playing if you have small child, or space for studying if your child is bigger. Basic elements in equipping the kids room are bed, closets, shelves and desk for students.

Good quality bed and mattress are important things that provide a healthy and comfortable sleep, regardless of the fact that children do not have a lot of weight and they don`t create a lot of pressure on the mattress. In all options it is good to set up a small commode next to the bed so the child can put a lamp, a book or beverage that is consumed at night.

When equipping be creative and when buying furniture, think whether you can adapt it to the age of the child over time. In choosing colors be creative and use warm colors that encourage the activity of the child. Here we present you some inspirational designs of modern kids room hopefully to help you to create one practical kids room! Click To Read More

23 Adorable Scandinavian Kids Rooms Design Ideas

A kids’ room doesn’t mean that it’s a cluttered space in a million of colors – a kids’ space can be stylish and tender in simple color combos. Design your children’s space in Scandinavian style, in black, grey and white but as it’s a kids’ space, add some colors that your little ones love – Nordic colors look awesome with lots of other colors. Natural or whitewashed wood will add charm and coziness to the room, and various patterns will make it more cheerful. Continue the décor with simple lamps and lights and furry rugs and pillows to make the space more inviting. Get inspired by the examples below and make your kids’ space super stylish! Click To Read More

Cool Industrial Kids Room Design Ideas

If your child is almost teenager you need to start thinking for creating a little more serious place which more closely resembles the one for adults than for children. Consult with your child and work together to specify what wants to have a set. Which old wants to keep and which ones you might want to re-paint or repurpose. In this case all the colorful items you need to change them with new ones in a single color that will give a more serious tones the room. Click To Read More

20 Dreamy Beach Style kids room designs

We’ve shared a lot of coastal, beach and sea-inspired room designs but we’ve totally forgotten about kids’ spaces, and today I’m going to correct that. Sea decor theme is more often chosen for boys rooms but girls’ spaces can be also decorated in a very cute coastal way or with Little Mermaid touches. Go for all shades of blue that your kid or kids like – navy, turquoise, baby blue, light blue and so on, and add grey, white, red, yellow, orange and so on. Look at super creative ship and boat-shaped kids beds, they are stunning! Make the room more cheerful and stylish with surfs, wicker chests for storage, fish and sea creatures decorations, oars and even pirate details. Get inspired! Click To Read More