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33 Gender Neutral Nursery Design Ideas You’ll Love

Many parents today make a choice not to know the baby gender before they see him or her. If you are one of them or maybe expecting twins – a boy and a girl – you’ll have to decorate the nursery in gander neutral style. Need some tips? First of all, go for a neutral color scheme: grey, nude, white, or, if you want some bold pops, turquoise, yellow, green or all of them together, this is perfect both for boys and girls. Don’t use girlish or boyish patterns and decorations – keep it simple and serene, so that your baby felt here amazing. Choosing toys don’t concentrate on dolls or toy cars, choose stuffed and other toys that fit any gender. Look how to decorate such a nursery with style below! Click To Read More

21 Inspiring Shared Nursery For Boys And Girls

Today’s roundup is made up especially for the parents of twins – a boy and a girl, we are sharing some ideas to design a cool nursery for them. Designing a shared nursery for both sexes may be a bit tricky but you can go two ways: design a gender neutral nursery or make a shared room for two creating a boy and a girl space. Gender neutral nurseries are pretty easy to make: go for neutral shades and toys and decorations that can suit both kids. If you want two different zones, make something common for both and then divide the spaces using different colors, for example, pink for the girl and blue for the boy. Get a dose of inspiration below! Click To Read More

20 Impressive Girls Shared Bedrooms To Get Inspired

If you have several daughters, and girls have just one room for two, this roundup may be of source for you. how can you organize a shared room right for both girls? First of all, decide how many sleeping and studying spaces you need. Divide the room so that every girl received enough space for herself, and all the spaces were equal so that girls didn’t quarrel. Bunk beds is a nice idea for any shared room but if there’s enough space, you may buy separate beds. Use space to advantage: choose functional furniture, use windowsills and under the bed space. ask the girls about their preferable colors and decorate the room accordingly. Get inspired! Click To Read More

12 Modern Teenage Girls Bedroom Ideas To Try

If you have teenage daughters, this roundup is right what you need because we’ve gathered the coolest teenage girl bedroom ideas from around the web! Decorating a teenage bedroom may be rather tricky: there should be several zones like studying and sleeping, and you should keep in mind that this is a room not for a child and not for an adult yet, so there should be a compromise between both. Bold colors are great for designing such a room, just be careful not to use too much. If your daughter wants something more neutral, try pastels or maybe Scandinavian style with a neutral color palette. Interested how to do that with style? Look below! Click To Read More

21 Traditional Nursery Designs For Your Baby Boys

Are you trying to design a nursery for your baby boy? Are you getting overwhelmed from heap loads of ideas coming to your mind to make everything perfect when he arrives? Oh yes, that excitement of getting everything perfect on time can be delightful and stressful at the same time! I know the feeling. I am a mother of two beautiful boys and getting an impeccable design for their nursery is no easy task. You need some help to get it flawlessly done and on time for his arrival. Click To Read More

21 Traditional Nursery Designs For Your Baby Girls

Hearing the heartbeat of your little bundle of joy for the first time is one of the best amazing feelings there is. The joy that it brings, excites and scares expectant parents at the same time. It excites you to see the little one who will about to turn your world 360 degrees – so different from what you are used to. And it scares you at the same time because you are expecting a lot from yourself. You want to do everything if you only could. You tend to set the highest standard there is, so you can give your little one the best of life. And since thinking of where your little baby will stay is a priority, you might find yourself stressing out by the overwhelming factors you need to consider in making a nursery. Click To Read More

21 Shared Boys Room Designs To Try This Year

Got several sons? We’ve prepared a bunch of nice shared rooms ideas for you! choose the style of the room: seaside, beach, industrial, Scandinavian, super hero or any other and decorate according to it. A bunk bed for your boys is basics: it saves space and kids love them as climbing up is fun, here IKEA Kura may be of help. If you have enough space, go for separate beds but use the same ones. Choose effective storage units: under the bed drawers, under the sill drawers, open shelving and headboard chests because kids have not only clothes and shoes but also lots of toys and other stuff. Need some inspiration for creating the best space for your boys? Have a look below! Click To Read More

31 Nursery Room Themes And Designs For Your Baby Boy

When a couple is expecting, they would surely be excited to prepare the baby’s needs. That includes the clothes, the toys, and most especially the nursery room. The parents-to-be would make sure that their little one will have the best nursery room ever. Aside from the excitement they both feel, it is their love that prevails moving them to prepare for their baby’s needs. It is indeed an amazing thing that most babies already have their own place even before they come into this world. Click To Read More

20 Amazing Girls Bedroom Ideas To Get Inspired

There are a lot of designs to inspire your bedroom with. These designs would vary in theme or color, size, furnitures and would consider eventually, who the cupant will be. Today, we have collected a couple of bedroom designs for girls to choose from or be inspired with. Others would prefer pink, some would want to make their bedrooms look simple and minimal while some girls would want theirs filled with color. Since we have different preferences and personalities, a collection of a variety of designs would help you decide what type of room you’d be comfortable with. Click To Read More

20 Cool Boys Bedroom Ideas For Toddlers

Your little boy is now acting independently and would love to do things on his own. To him every day is a new day full of adventures and fun learning. As supportive parents, we are there to guide, inspire and nurture our little toddler’s mind and body. To create a world of whimsy and full of his imaginings why not give him a room for himself? A room where he can comfortably play and rest easily. Click To Read More