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15 Blue Home Office Designs Ideas You’ll Love

Colors greatly affect the mood and the effectiveness of the employees. Studies have shown that each color affects different to us. Red affect to our organism, blue to our minds, yellow to our emotions, ego and self-confidence, while a green is balance between mind, body and emotions. It is interesting that when you combine two colors, on the inside you get the effects of the two colors. Click To Read More

20 Shared Home Office Ideas That Are Functional

Sharing a home office sounds like a great idea at first glance. It saves up plenty of space and instead of having to create two different rooms; you can combine the workstations to create one flowing space. But shared workspace designs involve plenty of planning and often a hint of compromise here and there. From couples who work from home to a shared bachelor crib, they are perfect, space-saving solutions available to us. Yet, it is important to keep in mind the diverse and individual needs of each occupant while designing a twin workstation. Click To Read More

15 Classy Office Design Ideas To Try

Some offices can really be annoying and depressing, but the offices on this list are anything but that. Their environment significantly affects the mood of employees, as well as their energy and creativity. Some companies, are literally competing to design the most interesting and most comfortable work space that will attract young, talented and creative workers. Click To Read More

23 Impressive Artistic Home Studio Designs To Try Now

If you are an artist or just love painting, a studio is a necessary space for you. Here you’ll be able to paint without any problems, nobody would disturb you. An ideal variant is a space with giant windows so that it would be easier for you to decide on shades and lights. White color as the main one is perfect because it would be a great frame for your art works. Don’t bother about the interior and furniture too much – choose everything comfortable for your art. Anyway, the main design feature would be your own works – finished or not, no matter. Click To Read More

25 Practical Home Office Ideas To Inspire You

The cost to equip one regular office can be quite large and can pose problems in the budget. But we have a very clever solution – you can create a wonderful work space in your own home that will cost you quite less then a regular office. Working from home is becoming increasingly important and that way are growing and the ideas how to make it more convenient and interesting. Many of us want to work from home, because this is more comfortable and this way can be more productive and more economical. Click To Read More

27 Home Office Designs Ideas For Small Spaces

The number of home office units that are cropping up these days is a testimony not just to the way in which technology has allowed people to work from home, but also most likely the amount of work that some of us tend to take home whenever possible. Working at home is obviously rather different from working in your office cubicle and it tends to give you far more flexibility and at times allows you to get a lot more comfortable. While many new home owners are planning for a dedicated home office room, there are others that are turning the available little corner or space into a work station. Click To Read More

37 Refined Feminine Home Office Ideas

A girl that works a lot at home definitely needs a cool home office, and if it’s only her office, why not make it refined and feminine? There are so many ways and ideas to do that! Have a look: exquisite classical furniture – may be antique, pastel colors that would add romance to the space, pretty little accessories that every girl adores. Bring in more natural light and a piece of nature using plants and flowers. Use awesome prints like animal ones, or floral and striped patterns that never go out of style. Click To Read More

23 Elegant Masculine Home Office Design Ideas

If you are a guy and used to work at home, here are some cool ideas how to design a home office for you. You may choose any style you prefer and realize it in your home office, for example – classical, strict, minimalist, casual or any other. Usual masculine features are dark colors, squared pattern, sexy leather furniture of different colors and wild animal skins. Don’t hesitate to show your hobbies – football, ships, masks, fish figures; add your home library here – it will make your home office look presentable. In case you have enough space, create a fireplace to make the space cozy and put some original lamps to highlight the atmosphere. Enjoy some more designs below. Click To Read More

19 Amazing Gothic Home Office Design Ideas

We’ve already told you of some room designs in gothic style: living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms, even dining zones. If you work at home and need a home office, or wanna create a library with a desk, gothic style is, perhaps, one of the best one. Combine it with Victorian, industrial, steampunk or just choose modern gothic – and your home office would be dramatic! Dark walls, exquisite accessories, antique paintings, Goth-inspired bookcases and desks – that’s the dark romance! If you have an opportunity, you can also renovate your windows making them mosaic – imagine that light coming through them! Scroll down to get inspired! Click To Read More

37 Stylish Minimalist Home Office Designs You’ll Ever See

I think minimalist style is one of the best idea for a home office because it’s stylish, simple, uncluttered and nothing distracts your attention from work, and we don’t need anything else. That’s why today I’ve decided to inspire you, guys, with chic minimal home offices that are full of light, style and look very tidy. White is the main color here as it’s neutral, reflects the light and makes your space look bigger – it’s especially important as lack of space is a frequent problem today. Natural wood, a fireplace and fur can add coziness to your office, if you feel that it looks too cold. You may go for industrial or scandinavian touches to diversify the interior and give personality to it. Get inspired! Click To Read More