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23 Elegant Hallway Lighting Design Ideas

By changing the lighting in your home can give a completely new look to the interior without having to buy additional furniture. The colors, the shapes and the surfaces in the housing act differently of the human eye depending on the type of lighting no matter if is it natural or artificial. Quality lighting contributes significantly to the overall ambience in the home. When planning the lighting should take into account the natural and artificial lighting. Click To Read More

20 Refreshing Hallway Design Ideas

The design of hallways, a corridors, and entryways sometimes requires even more effort than the design of living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens. On the one hand the design of these walk-through rooms should fit into overall style of the home. On the other hand the interior of hallways should be functional. It should set a tone for interiors of all other rooms because it’s the first thing guests see in your home. We gathered for you a lot of hallway design examples from which you easily can get some ideas. Enjoy! Click To Read More

20 Bright Hallway Storage Ideas

A hallway is a space that you see first coming home and the place where you leave coats, umbrellas and shoes and many other things. If you have a small hallway how can you organize storage so that it wouldn’t take much space but could contain a lot of things? We’ve found a bunch of brilliant ideas for you! According to the style of your interior you may choose any idea from hidden minimalist storage and vintage suitcases to rustic baskets and pallet boxes hanging on the wall. Everything depends on the amount of space and colors and atmosphere you want to create. Look at the ideas below and enjoy! Click To Read More

20 Traditional Black And White Hallway Design Ideas

In order to continue showing you how cool traditional interiors in black and white colors are we’ve gathered for you a bunch of hallways. Interesting patterns are really popular here. Walls covered with stripes, checked floors, zig zag rugs a lot of other things with cool patters could be found there. Check out the gallery and you’ll find some interesting ideas for your black and white hallway. Click To Read More

20 Adorable Shabby Chic Hallway Design Ideas

Shabby chic design became popular several years ago, and now it’s only getting more and more popular because it has special charm and chic, and it’s budget-friendly at the same time – you can restore and renovate some of your grandma’s things or flea market finds and use them. Today I’d like to share some sweet shabby chic hallways, which are to enchant you with their simplicity. Pastels and white are great for shabby chic style, and serenity and rose quartz are the colors of the year, so don’t hesitate to use them. Add cute accessories and decorations, pillows, worn textiles and lace, and of course floral pieces – wallpaper, textiles or souvenirs. Get inspired! Click To Read More

23 Elegant Vintage Hallway Designs

Look at these lovely vintage hallway designs. We present them to inspire you in your creative process. If you have doubts about the design in the hallway start researching different styles. Vintage style is very popular and also very interesting to experiment with. Find some vintage furniture like side tables, vintage mirrors or coat hangers and combine them together. Use beautiful colorful details and you will get awesome hallway design. Also you can mix vintage style with modern minimalistic style. That is a perfect combination. So start designing your hallway and have fun. Here are 23 Elegant Vintage Hallway Designs. Enjoy… Click To Read More

Beautiful Rustic Hallway Designs That Will Inspire You

Most of the times, the hallway is left behind from the design plan and receives little to no attention in that aspect. There are only a couple of random pictures or painting on the wall so that it isn’t completely empty. Well, the hallway offers great opportunities for design and decor besides serving the main, functional purpose of connecting rooms. It’s layout affords ample surface area for decoration which means that there is no shortage of rustic hallway ideas that will make your journey through the house a tad bit more enjoyable. Even though most of the times floor space is very limited in the hallway, there is more than enough of free standing furniture designed for narrow space as well as other stuff you can use such as rugs, mirrors, wall stickers and pictures. Click To Read More