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21 Formal Dining Rooms Ideas That You Will Love

We all know that dining rooms are used everyday for more than three times a day because it is where we eat our meals and even our snacks. But aside from that function, it has to look good too in order to give a good aura to those using it especially if there are guests around. These days, not all dining rooms are formal. Others are merely for usual everyday meals. But there are homes that opt to have that formal dining with table setting and centerpieces. Click To Read More

26 Impressive Dining Room Wall Decor Ideas

We are currently renovating our house, so my parents thought of adding a new dining space at home. With that, I was on the verge of searching for photos of dining rooms and items or decorations that we can actually add into the space. I had a concrete idea as to what style I wanted to achieve but my mother had something else in mind. Click To Read More

21 Splendid Moroccan Dining Room Design Ideas

What can be more relaxing than sit at a table surrounded by cushions, refined lamps, candles and bright textiles? If you want this luxury, just decorate your dining room or zone in Moroccan style. Red, blue, turquoise, yellow and gold are the colors you need, and you can mix them in various styles; typical Eastern patterns on the textiles, walls and even furniture. You may use wall tiles of characteristic patterns and colors – for a Moroccan interior it’s suitable. Natural wood, traditional lanterns, low tables and cushions instead of chairs are the things you can use for such a decor. Actually, juicy colors are not obligatory if you like something calmer, just take white, patterns and traditional furniture and you’ll get a nice Morocco-inspired interior. Look for inspiration below and start creating! Click To Read More

25 Awesome Small Dining Rooms And Zones

Not every home has a dining room but you definitely have some dining zone or at least a breakfast nook. Can a small space be stylish? Sure! Today we’ve rounded up some examples of small dining spaces decorated with taste. Perhaps, minimalist or just modern style is the best one for such spaces because it means playing on contrast, a simple color scheme and minimum of details – and that makes the space look bigger. Shabby chic or vintage style is also to the point, the space would become very charming, and vintage tableware and accessories would help you to create the needed atmosphere. To speak about the colors – keep to the light schemes as they expand the zone visually, and if you want something original – just play with textures. Click To Read More

23 Masculine Dining Room Designs In Different Styles

It’s a cool place to have guests, to enjoy a meal with your relatives, friends or to serve a breakfast for your pretty girlfriend. A masculine space is not necessarily a dark place as you can show your manhood in another way – through the furniture and accessories. Anyway, black, dark gray and blue are favorable; but try lighter walls and just some dark pieces. Minimalism has always looked masculine, so use without hesitating. But if you don’t like it, look for some more ideas below and choose yours! Click To Read More

37 Stylish Minimalist Dining Room Design Ideas

Minimalism is a super trendy and cool style for decorating any space, it means seeing beauty in strict and clear lines and angles. Today I’m going to show you once more how beautiful this style may be, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy these minimal dining rooms. Start from decorating in truly minimalist colors like black, grey and white, and add bright accents if you want. Not to get a boring space, play with textures and materials: there are a lot of super modern surfaces to try, and of course concrete and wood. If you feel not cozy enough, add some touches of other styles like mid-century to achieve a comfy look. Get inspired by the ideas below! Click To Read More

25 Airy And Elegant Feminine Dining Room Design Ideas

Does your dining room lack femininity? Do you want to bring some romance in? Have a look at these amazing girlish dining rooms that also bring some spring in! Flower patterns, delicate accessories, pastel colors would help you to make the room feminine. Choose vintage or shabby chic style that are extremely exquisite and give a refined touch. White color is amazing as a main one, it would make the space airy. Curtains and tablecloths with ruffles and feminine patterns, exquisite chandeliers and candle holders will add the needed romantic look. Don’t forget about the family photos and beautiful pictures, they will make the space especially cozy. Enjoy the ideas below! Click To Read More