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21 Geometric Dining Room Designs That Inspire You

Do you want to have a fresh feel of your dining room? Do you want to see something new that will make your dining room standout? Sure, there are a lot of accessories to add, decors to put on your walls or floors and perhaps new paint to cover your interiors just to get that fresh new look. But do you really know what you want? We are here to help you decide get that modern, chic and sophisticated look on your dining room. Click To Read More

21 Outdoor Dining Rooms Design Ideas To Try Everyday

Outdoor dining is great option if you have backyard. In the hot spring and summer days, when everything is green and beautiful, there is no better place to spend your free time, than your backyard. If you have possibility, find some place in your backyard and set one table and chairs, and your outdoor dining room is ready. Click To Read More

25 Stunning Provence Dining Spaces To Get Inspired

When I see Provence dining rooms, I just think: please, leave me there! Provencal dining spaces are amazing, this is a fantastic mix of shabby chic, rustic, vintage, negligent and refined at the same time with very special charm that can’t be found anywhere else. My favorites are classical ones, with vintage and rustic vibe: whitewashed stone walls, rustic furniture, wooden beams on the ceiling, potted lavender and exquisite tableware. There are also more modern variations with a plenty of color and contemporary furniture but that charm is still here. Classic chandeliers and candleholders will help you to create an ambience, whatever style you prefer. Get inspired by amazing ideas below! Click To Read More

28 French Dining Room Design Ideas To Inspire You

The art of serving the table was born in France, in this land of beauty, style and exquisiteness. The times of meridian of French aristocracy are the times that we can still admire due to the fantastic luxury in every detail. What is a classical French dining room? It may be classical – Classique or rustic – Campagne; the first group is more official while the second is simpler. Every interior – no matter, if it’s rustic, garden style or traditional one – brings special French charm to the space. The colors are mostly calm and pastel but there are some ideas with bright accents. So, look for some inspiration below – these are real dining room of real French families, enjoy! Click To Read More

31 Impressive Dining Rooms With Brick Walls Ideas

It is indeed amazing how we can add various touches to our interiors in whatever way we like. It can be done merely by adding some decorations and accessories but it can also be enhanced by adding some touches on the walls like repainting, wall papers and many others. One way of giving life to our interiors is by adding brick wall accents or retaining brick walls that are used for the walling. Click To Read More

20 Inspiring Dining Room Tables For Small Spaces

Aside from the kitchen, people who love preparing and cooking food loves the dining room – well dining area for some; or eat-in kitchen. We call it a lot of things, but more than that, we call it a place where we eat our meals -whether it is for breakfast, lunch or for dinner. People have a thing for maintaining a dining area even when they do not really have the space for it; why not? Having all the rooms in the house makes all the difference, don’t you think so? Click To Read More

15 Dining Room Wall Decals Ideas To Try Now

Who says you cannot add wall decals to a dining area? Well, a dining area doesn’t have to be boring. You can enhance its look in many ways. You can add a chandelier, a buffet table with some display, an accent wall and others. When you decide to add an accent wall, one inexpensive way is to use wall decals or wall stickers. This can bring in a personal statement for your dining area. Click To Read More