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23 Snowball Christmas Decorations Ideas You’ll Love

Let it snow! Playing snowballs outside is a very fun activity loved by kids and adults – it immediately creates a festive mood! If you want some snow not only outside, or just don’t have snow in winter, then you’ll love these ideas for winter décor. You can easily make cozy fabric snowballs and make a crazy snow fight inside, make a garland or a wreath of them, or just put them everywhere you like. A fun idea is making snowball ornaments with glitter or sea salt and decorate your Christmas tree. Make a pile of snowballs of the materials you like and put them into a pretty bowl for an original centerpiece. Bring some snow inside! Click To Read More

23 Whimsical Christmas Decorating Ideas To Try This Year

Our Merry and Bright collection is here! Featuring vibrant pops of color and whimsical Christmas decor, you won’t want to live without these bright Christmas decorations. Discover some of our latest Merry and Bright products to liven up your displays this year! Click To Read More

25 Christmas Dining Room Decorations Ideas To Inspire You

With Christmas barely a few days away, it is high time you gave your home a festive makeover if you haven’t done so already. While many of us frantically turn to some cool last-minute decorating ideas to get the job done, getting your home ready for the big day even at this late stage is not too hard or time consuming. The key is to first focus on the areas of the house that make the biggest visual impact and play an important role in hosting friends and family. The dining room is one such key space that is often at the heart of all your holiday plans and festivities. Click To Read More

15 Impressive Black And White Christmas Decor Ideas

Black and white is the most stylish combination of colors. Christmas in black and white would be not only fun, joy and happiness but also stylish and elegant. Use black and white tablecloths, Christmas tree decorations and patterns like zebra pattern. The interior may be modern or vintage – these types may be very well combined with black and white. Stylish black and white tableware, make a centerpiece of pinecones and paint it black. Black candles and exquisite candle holders would add to the atmosphere. Of course, you can always combine black with something else like silver or gold, taking gold fir tree, centerpieces or candles. Find your way to make your party stylish! Click To Read More

21 Red And Grey Christmas Decorations Ideas

Red and grey is a great and almost classic color combo, and it’s really ideal for Christmas decor. This contrasting couple of colors is amazing to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere – grey is calm and winter-like, and red warms up. Try red and grey Christmas ornaments; grey fabrics and knitted pillows and blankets are ideal to keep warm on these cold days. Create bright accents with a red table runner, ribbon, garlands, toys and other pieces. Grey is great for any interior style, and fur (faux or natural) is of the same color, so you can rock it and create really a cozy atmosphere. Get more inspiring ideas below! Click To Read More

25 Silver And Blue Decorations Ideas For Christmas

I love blue with all its shades, it’s calming and beautiful. Blue is one of the most natural winter colors, and it’s very popular for decor. Today we’ve rounded up a whole bunch of cool ideas of blue and silver décor for winter holidays. Take blue and silver ornaments and decorate your tree, doors, stairs or put them into a bowl to make a perfect centerpiece. Blue candles will look harmonious in silver candleholders; spray paint usual tree branches with silver paint and add blue ornaments – that’s gonna be an ideal decoration for your front door or stairs. Enjoy the stylish ideas below and find your perfect silver and blue decor idea! Click To Read More

25 Red And Gold Christmas Decorations Ideas You Can’t Miss

Red and gold is a great traditional color combo for Christmas, it’s chic and stunning. That’s why we’ve decided to roundup a bunch of ideas with these colors. Take red and gold ornaments to decorate not only the tree but also the whole house: the stairs, the doors, the fireplace, the table making centerpieces. Make your Christmas tree luxurious: red and gold ornaments, garlands and lights will make your tree chic and eye-catching. Put red candles into gold candleholders, prepare gold tableware and red napkins and tablecloths for your holiday dinner. I love how beautiful look the gold and red front door decorations, just give them a try! Get more adorable ideas below and get inspired! Click To Read More

15 Outdoor Christmas Table Settings Ideas

If climate allows, celebrating any holiday outdoors is a real pleasure, especially if it’s Christmas – traditional family holiday that we are all waiting for. We’ve rounded up several table settings for your outdoor Christmas. Christmas ornaments hung above the table are a brilliant and simple decor idea. Rustic style is the most charming for the outdoor meals, and checked blankets, jingle bells napkin rings with branch centerpieces will help you to create this cool atmosphere. To find some other styles look at the pictures below and get inspired. Click To Read More

20 Christmas Ornaments Decorating Ideas

Christmas ornaments can be used not only on the tree, you can rock them anywhere! Make a Christmas topiary of them, hang them over the table or above the window, attach ornaments to the stairs or rails; take a frame and attach ornaments for a cool decoration. Add ornaments to different compositions: put them into a lantern with some lights, on the mantel, into jars or buckets. Create an ornament wreath or an alternative Christmas tree hanging the ornaments to the strings on the wall. Make cool centerpieces with candles, branches, twigs and lights and add ornaments to the place cards, find more creative uses below! Click To Read More