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17 African Bedroom Decor Ideas To Get Inspiration

Recently, we have been engaged in a video which features African musicians doing a rendition of one fabulous song from a Disney movie. We love it because we get to see and experience something different and unique from the style we are used to for the last few months – seriously speaking. It also showcases a sweet little girl who sings all the high notes which is totally out of this world. With that in mind, we have thought of creating a list for you with an African touch. Click To Read More

43 Impressive Bedroom Designs With Exposed Wood Beams

I think that mixing some restored original details and adding new ones gives any space a character and special charm. Exposed wooden beams are one of such things, they really inspire and can be easily incorporated in different decor styles. Today I’d like to share some beautiful bedroom designs with exposed wooden beams in decor, and I’m sure that they will take your heart! Farmhouse, Provence, rustic, glam, Scandinavian, feminine, masculine, minimalist and just modern – all kinds of bedrooms look like eye-candies with such beams on the ceilings or even vertical ones. Enjoy eye-candies below and get inspired to restore some beams! Click To Read More

17 Amazing Teal And Brown Bedroom Ideas To Try

Choosing the color combination you want for your bedroom is a challenging task because you may want to see your favorite colors but at the same time be able to make sure that the colors are comfortable and calming especially that it is the place where you want to rest and calm your mind. Picking colors may be your own choice or you can always work out plans with your decorator or designer if you have or want one. Click To Read More

21 Grey and Yellow Bedroom Designs To Amaze You

A bedroom, despite being a private place, deserves one’s attention if we speak of design and decoration. Well, most of the time, a bedroom would get more designing because the homeowner wants it to look pleasant and feel comfortable for him when he decides to rest and sleep. One way of adding zest to a bedroom is through the combination of colors. There are so many color combinations available and we will show you one today. Click To Read More

17 Elegant Black,White And Red Bedroom Design Ideas

In designing any part of your home, black and white is of the options to consider. Both are categorized as neutral colors that pretty much accept any color into any decorating scheme. When you add red, a warm color, it creates a bold statement for any sort of space. Most often, we see red as a primary choice as an accent wall, which we think is one reason why this certain space commands attention. And well, we would want that in our bedrooms, won’t we? Click To Read More

21 Blue And Gold Bedroom Ideas That Will Inspire You

Honestly speaking, when we think about blue and gold, we remember the Christmas trimmings we have at home. Why not? It’s usually the time of year we have this oh-so-cool-themes about blue Christmas or something of a golden-inspired ensemble because of the entire glimmer and the shine. But today, what we have in stored for you guys are bedrooms with a hint of those teeny-tiny trimmings we can only remember during Christmas. Click To Read More

21 Geometric Bedroom Decor Ideas To Die For

Geometric decor is incredibly trendy right now because such decor isn’t only modern and simple to create yourself, it’s also universal for men, women and even children. There are two most popular ways to incorporate geometric patterns into bedroom decor: bedding or headboards. Buying or making some cool geo bedding is the easiest idea to bring fashionable patterns to your space, you can choose various colors and figures and change them as often as you want. A geometric headboard is a real attraction that highlights your sleeping place, and you not only make it but also paint it. You can also go for geometric art pieces, lamps, chandeliers, wallpapers or even floor decor. Get inspired by the ideas below and make your bedroom pop! Click To Read More

25 Provence Bedroom Decor Ideas You’ll Hunger For

Provence style means romance and charm, so if you are addicted to it like we are, this article is for you! Today we’ll see how to decorate a bedroom in Provence style and create a charming atmosphere. Whitewashed stone or wooden walls is right what you need for such a space; try wooden beams on the ceiling – that’ll give the bedroom a cozy rustic vibe. Beautiful floral textiles will help you create a right atmosphere: pillows, bedspreads, curtains and rugs is a budget-savvy and easy idea. Don’t forget refined chandeliers, lamps and candleholders as they are necessary for every Provence interior. Look at the fantastic examples below and choose the ideas that suit you! Click To Read More

25 Impressive Loft Bedroom Design Ideas

There is really something magical and mysterious about a loft bedroom. Disguised somewhere above the floor in the higher places, the loft bedroom definitely makes for a luxurious sleeping space. Creating a loft can be both challenging and space-saving. It is a great solution for one room apartments as it keeps the bedroom private and divides it from the rest of the house. A loft bedroom can be built in a small studio apartment as well as in a spacious industrial building. It works especially well with higher ceilings as the low ones may divide an already small room into crammed sections. Look at the ideas to hide, organize and decorate your loft bedroom below! Click To Read More