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    23 Inspiring Asian Bathroom Design Ideas

    Although luxury is the same thing on every continent, the Asian is really different from the west. Oriental or Asian decorating themes possess a classical appeal for distant origins of civilization on whose foundations are based. The rich culture of Asian nations gave a long and varied range in which they could create the arrangement of unique and distinctive way. Many designers promote cold Zen atmosphere with beautiful visuals of these subtle Asian inspired modern home designs. In our fast lifestyles little peace is always welcome, and we all need a moment to relax. Our chaotic homes should be rich with Buddha sculptures which become equally popular as in Western…

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    23 Awesome Traditional Bathroom Design Ideas

    For those who love the glamor of the house it is sometimes difficult to find the right furniture for the bathroom. You are decorating the bathroom and you want it to be special in some way? Of course, it’s a place where you need to relax completely and forget about all the problems. For all those who enjoy the small rituals, in the bathroom, should create your own place for the return of the inner balance. There are many ideas that require little or no money, but only skillful reorganization or alteration of existing elements in the bathroom can help you to decorate the bathroom of your dreams. If you…

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    Cozy And Relaxing Farmhouse Bathroom Designs

    I admire the farmhouse style because it’s amazingly cozy and inviting; spaces done in this style make me recall them often and with pleasure. Today I’ve rounded up some cool ideas to make your bathroom look like that, and I’m sure that it won’t cost you a lot. Extensive use of wood is rather popular now, and in a farmhouse bathroom it’s a necessity because what a farmhouse space without wood? A vintage ladder for storage, shabby and rustic signs, rough wooden frames – and you are on your way to a perfect farmhouse bedroom! Look at the creative examples below and get inspired! View More : 20 Inspiring Industrial Bathroom…

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    20 Inspiring Industrial Bathroom Design Ideas

    It’s very important to have bathroom where you can relax after the busy working day. So you have to pay attention on how you’ll design your bathroom. If you are open minded person who is not afraid to experiment new stuff, industrial design is the style for you. Industrial designed bathroom are very popular these days. Use rough materials and leave the pipes visible. On the wall use concrete material, visible bricks or wood. You can put modern sanitary with vintage furniture or modern furniture with vintage sanitary. In both cases your bathroom will have the industrial look. Also you can use industrial lamps as lightning. We present you 20…

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    23 Stunning Beach Style bathroom design Ideas

    Beach Style bathrooms are always pretty and enjoyable as they are usually done in water colors – dark blue, turquoise and all the other water shades. Such design reminds you of beaches, sunlight and holidays at the seaside. Just look at these turquoise tiles, a boat bathtub and pretty natural accessories – corals, starfish, sea urchins – isn’t that perfect? Nautical decor with boats and oars are also great, especially for kids who would definitely appreciate such a cool space. Below you’ll find some more ideas how to decorate your bathroom inspired by sea and beaches. View More : 20 Modern Bathroom Designs For A Modern Home 23 Stunning Beach Style…

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    20 Modern Bathroom Designs For A Modern Home

    The bathroom is one of the most covered subjects on our website because it is an essential part of any home. We feel like it is our duty to provide you with the latest designs of bathrooms from all over the internet. Today, we have made a collection of 20 Modern Bathroom Designs For A Modern Home which will take your breath away with the simplicity of their design and their elegant and modern look. As we all know, the modern bathroom design is most commonly and widely known for it’s employment of straight lines and sharp edges as well as simple color schemes without too many accents, especially on the…

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    23 Stylish Eclectic Bathroom Design Ideas

    There are many designs that we can choose to apply in redecorating or remodeling our bathroom. With that we have seen the different designs of bathrooms we featured here such as modern, contemporary, classic and the different colors of bathroom as well. We can also combine those designs to come up with another charming design. Today, we will show you the different elements of various designs for luxurious and elegant Eclectic Bathroom Designs. These Eclectic Bathroom is said to be one of the most popular style in every part of the world today. This design refers to the combination of elements from the classic style to the modern style and…

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    20 Contemporary Bathroom Designs That Will Completely Change Your Home

    The bathroom is a place we don’t spend too much time in, but we are in it frequently for various reasons. It is important that the bathroom is designed so that whoever is in it feels comfortable. In today’s collection of 20 Contemporary Bathroom Designs That Will Completely Change Your Home  we will show you a variety of bathroom designs which all fit in a same category, and in this case, they all fit in the contemporary interior design category. The unique characteristics of the contemporary bathroom designs are really easy to spot. Just look for sharp edges, glass walls, glass shower doors, straight lines and rain showers which give…

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    21 Bathroom Tile Ideas

    A room that mirrors your wisdom. Different bathroom tile ideas allow us to produce a quasi-infinite series of places and spaces. Walking through a path of combinations, colours and shapes, bathrooms have slowly become rooms where people feel comfortable. Porcelain and marbles, wood and ceramics, there is no limit to the materials that can be used nowadays in a bathroom. Colours are free to meet in the most incredible patterns: warm or cold, classy or joyful… what really matters is simply the personality they represent. And what about drawings and shapes? On one hand, many designers choose to find inspiration in urban fashion and casual forms, although vintage and minimalist…

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    Luxury Bathrooms You Will Never Want To Leave

    While a bathroom is a bathroom, a well-designed, laid-out and conceived bathroom is a joy unto itself. To give you an idea of what we mean, we’ve decided to collect 20 examples of luxury bathrooms. As you’ll see on this list, there are a number of different things that can be done that transform bathrooms into rooms you’ll be happy to spend time in. Throughout, you’re sure to see a number of tubs, both built in and freestanding; gorgeous sinks and vanities; as well as some interestingly designed toilets. In addition, you’ll see a number of different materials used to construct everything, from marble and concrete to metal and wood…

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