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17 Inspiring Brown Bathroom Ideas You Will Love

What comes to your mind upon hearing the word “brown”? You may think of a delicious sweet bar of chocolate, beautiful and luxurious cabinetry, or rich leather. The color of our bathroom has a great influence in providing comfort and relaxation to the one who will use it. And that is why many of us use to adorn our bathroom with a touch of brown color. Since brown is an extremely versatile colour to decorate around our bathroom. It has an ability to create a sophisticated look when mixed with other neutral shade such as ivory or white. And this brown concept is perfect to be used in the Master Bathroom. Click To Read More

27 Amazing Master Bathroom Ideas To Inspire You

Thinking about the most convenient and spacious bathroom that you ever wanted to have in your house is one of the most important factor to consider. Since we all desire for a comfortable and relaxing bathroom area in our house we may recommend you to choose the master bathroom for it will possibly give you the peaceful feeling. Today we have collected the different master bathroom ideas for you. Click To Read More

31 Small Bathroom Design Ideas For Lovely Home

If you have a small bathroom, don’t worry – it can be decorated with style and elegance, not worse than a big one, and a small space always looks cozier. What the ways to decorate it to use every inch to advantage? Here are some tips. First, a shower cabin is the best choice for a small bathroom – it would save lots of space and looks amazing. Second, clever storage is the key to success, so choose a vanity with drawers of some comfy open shelves as they don’t look heavy, and a radiator is a good place for hanging towels. Look at the inspiring ideas below and pin some designs for yourself! Click To Read More

25 Impressive Multi Colored Tile Bathroom Design Ideas

We got used to bathrooms with tiles in one colors or maybe two – but what about a multi-colored bathroom? Ready to rock the colors? It’s spring now and it’s time to refresh your bathroom with stunning, even crazy colors, so choose various tiles and decorate your bathroom with them – just check that they are of the same size and shades but various patterns or, on the contrary, different colors. If you don’t want too many colors, attach the tiles just in the shower, a mosaic above the sinks or the floors. Below you’ll find some cool examples, so get inspired! Click To Read More

25 Amazing Double Bathroom Vanities You Need To Try

There are many ways on how to improve the style and ambiance of your bathrooms. To be able to display a high-end style it takes and deserves some attention equal to the other rooms. You can add up anything that will be necessary, but just take into consideration the space provided. Remember, it is also important to conserve the availability of the space to maintain its convenience and be roomy. To add more details on your bathrooms, vanities are one of good fixtures. If you are concerned for its space, don’t worry, it comes in variations that would suit your space. Click To Read More

25 Traditional Tall Bathroom Cabinet Ideas To Try

When you say traditional design what comes to mind are elegance, exquisite beauty and a certain charm that attracts attention. Traditional tall bathroom cabinets also have its own charm, elegance, beauty and sophistication. Tall bath cabinets are an advantage in a bathroom, since they are a great area to store important items and bathroom vanity items. They also save space, especially in a bathroom where we usually lounge, relax or have long relaxing showers. Traditional bathroom vanities have a sense of sophistication that cannot be found in modern ideas, since they are statelier and a bit more expensive. The materials used are wood, that is also polished and lasts long. Click To Read More

31 Provence Bathroom Design Ideas That You’ll Love

What can be more gorgeous for a bathroom than Provence style? This is a romantic and exquisite style, perfect for those who are looking for refined design. I’ve prepared a whole bunch of beautiful Provence-styled bathrooms and you will really breathe this style in while looking at them. The base of such decor is a vintage or shabby chic bathtub; now have a look at the cabinets – they should also be vintage, shabby chic or farmhouse-styled to add a pretty rustic touch. Baskets for storage, vintage planters with greenery or lavender, refined mirrors and curtains – all this will help you to create a wonderful Provence atmosphere. Click To Read More

27 Orange Bathroom Design Ideas For Your Home

Designing your bathroom in an orange color theme isn’t that hard as designing in a red theme but it could be challenging too. You should remember about that you shouldn’t combine more than two colors with orange. You should keep orange bathroom simple. The best idea is to simply combine orange with plain white. You can paint walls and ceiling in your bathroom in white but buy some orange furniture, an orange rug, an orange shower curtain and some other elements of decor in this color. That’s probably the most simple way but there are some others. That’s why we’ve gathered for you these cool bathrooms. You can find some ideas among them. Click To Read More

19 Eclectic Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

Basically, in decorating bathrooms, the rules and options of decor apply same as what you do to your other rooms. Is this so? You might be asking if there is really a need for decorating since it’s only a bathrooms after all. For you to experience a vibrant and relaxing mood that you get to experience as well in your other rooms, you can add cool decors to the walls of the bathroom. Click To Read More

27 Impressive Rustic Bathroom Vanity Ideas

It is given that we are entitled to our own concept and ideas in designing our homes. In such way, bathrooms can be designed and adorned with varieties of styles that would go well with our taste. But let’s just say that you’re the type of person that really loves to bring natural touch – unrefined, simple, and bucolic – to decors and materials, well then I suggest you to choose a rustic decorating style for your bathroom. Click To Read More