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41 Concrete Bathroom Design Ideas To Inspire You

Concrete is a super popular material due to its durability, modern look and budget-friendliness. It’s perfect for any functional space like a kitchen, a bathroom or any other as you won’t spoil it with anything. Today we are sharing some chic bathrooms decorated in different styles where concrete was used in different ways. Concrete sinks and bathtubs have already become a trend in bathroom decor and you can also make concrete shower walls or just concrete walls instead of tiles. Concrete fits modern, industrial, minimalist or manly spaces but you can also try to incorporate it into some other styles. Get inspired! Click To Read More

35 Stunning Bathroom Designs With A View

A room with view is a stunning space – it makes you feel relaxed, it attracts attention and it turns your room into a special space. Today I’ve rounded up bathrooms with view – these are almost spas because a wonderful view while you are taking a bath is adorable. If you have an opportunity and no neighbors – just make glazed walls near your bathtub or right everywhere, and you’ll never regret! The larger the windows are, the more joy you’ll get, and make simple windows without dividers to maximize the light. A glazed ceiling is also a great idea to enjoy the sunlight and the sky, it’s a cool way to get a view when you have neighbors close to your home. Get inspired by the ideas below! Click To Read More

21 Red Bathroom Design Ideas To Try

A color theme in your bathroom speaks to your personality. For example, any bathroom decorate in shades of red would be stylish and bold. It’s really tough to work with this color but with some creativity and inspiration you can go with it. We want to help you so we’ve gathered a gallery of cool red bathroom designs that should provide you with inspiration. Just make sure that you won’t overdecorate your bathroom so it would look smaller than it is. Click To Read More

21 Romantic Bathroom Designs That You Gonna Love

Are you one of those homeowners who are aiming to own not just a regular bathroom in their house but somehow a romantic bathroom? If yes, then you may get a lot of ideas on today’s featured pictures for romantic bathrooms. Romantic bathrooms as they say are well suited only for those newlywed couples but it’s not true. Well everybody can own this type of bathroom because this type of bathroom will not just provide a romantic mood but also the extreme comfort and relaxing feeling to whoever will use it. In order to achieve this kind of bathroom there are lots of factors to be considered. Click To Read More

17 Refreshing Bathroom Design Ideas For Lovely Home

If there’s much of a comfort in the bedroom since it is where you sleep, the Bathroom adds more to that comfort. It is where you freshen up as you shower, wash up or use the toilet from time to time. Most of us even start our day in it. The bathroom would usually contain a bathtub and a shower sometimes with either of the two, a sink and becomes a toilet all in one too. In planning for a bathroom design, there are just a variety of options you may choose from. It would still depend upon what you’d want your bathroom to look like. What makes it easy are the many designs that are already provided for us. This is also why us here at Home Design Lover exist. To give you a couple of choices or you might even want to combine all these to come up with your own perfect style. Click To Read More

23 Mosaic Tiled Bathrooms Ideas To Get Inspired

If you want to change the look of the bathroom and make it more attractive you need to start with the color of your bathroom. When we say the color we usually think of the color of the tiles. One of the recommendations of the experts on the relationship of colors in the bathroom is as follows: The darkest tones in the lower zone, the middle tones in the level of the eyes and the brightest colors above us. But that’s not necessarily rule. Click To Read More

30 Modern Bathroom Lights Ideas That You Will Love

Lights and lamps can absolutely change the space and make it cozier, cooler and more eye-catching. Today we’ve prepared a bunch of adorable light ideas for your bathrooms, and believe me, they can make up the space. Going for hidden lights is a great idea that can turn your bathroom into a super modern space, just make sure that there’s enough light not to make the bathroom gloomy. Pendant lights and even statement chandeliers is the most popular option, being modern, they can have touches of glam, industrial or any other style to fit the space. My favorites are ball pendant lights – just a couple hanging on one side of the mirror, and you bathroom is trendy and gorgeous! Enjoy more fabulous ideas below! Click To Read More

31 Amazing Bathroom With Exposed Wood Beams

We continue spoiling you with awesome spaces with exposed wooden beams, and today’s roundup is dedicated to bathrooms. Ah, bathrooms with wooden beams are so dreamy and inviting! Whether they are modern, glam, minimalist, industrial or else, with these beams they all have a wonderful rustic or barn-inspired touch, which makes them captivating. No matter if these are beams on the ceiling and vertical ones that divide the bathroom into zones, or just a slight ceiling construction, these beams will give a character to your space. Such a bathroom invites to soak and spend some time just relaxing and enjoying! Click To Read More

37 Spring Bathroom Design Ideas To Try Now

Green plants and flowers make any space alive, fresh and inviting. Plants in bathrooms are rare, it’s usually not the space for growing anything due to often lack of space, natural light and excessive humidity. But if everything is well organized and the plants chosen are not too capricious, the bathroom will attract by its greenery. Flowers such as orchids look amazing somewhere near the sinks, an amazing ideas is air plants – they are cool for any bathroom space and don’t require much attention. Green plants enliven any space, especially a white one, but you may also add green touches to the interior to highlight the greenery. Right zen design, stones and plants will make your bathroom look like a SPA, look for more ideas below! Click To Read More