10 Beautiful Easter Decoration Ideas for 2018

Easter is not just the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ but also the victory of love over hatred and good over evil. It is the time when you can look forward to a cheerful spring after a gloomy winter. Click To Read More

17 Elegant L shaped kitchen design Ideas To Try

When decorating a kitchen you need to take care for all details because it is one of the most important rooms in every house. Here you spend a lot time during cooking and eating. L-shaped kitchen are one of the most practical kitchen designs because they look so beautiful but in the same time they are so practical and everything is within reach. They are especially suitable for small spaces. With good organization and a little imagination you will make your dream kitchen! Click To Read More

17 Green And Yellow Kitchen Designs That You Will Love

Hot summer makes us think of merging with nature, with greenery. if you don’t have a country house or a garden, or if you don’t have enough space to organize it, there’s a way. You can just make your kitchen sparkle with juicy summer colors: yellow that reminds of sunlight and green that reminds of grass and trees. Furniture, curtains, accessories of these cheerful colors would make your space summer-like and raise your mood. Add green plants and you’d feel summer breeze on your face! Look for some ideas below and enjoy the summer spirit! Click To Read More

24 Bright And Colorful Kitchen Decorating Ideas To Rock

A lot of home owners prefer kitchen designs in dark or neutral color palettes. Although some people think that a colorful kitchen would be less boring. Some of these people simply choose kitchen cabinets in a vibrant color while some others mix and match kitchen elements in different colors. In my opinion both of these ways work very well. Each of them make kitchen more stylish and add some drama to this place. It’s always a good idea to do so to make the cooking and probably dining experience better. Besides, most likely you spend some time on your kitchen each day so why not to make it more bright and happy place? Click To Read More

23 Impressive Kitchen Designs With A View

Go for a glazed wall, or big or folded windows to enjoy the view that you have – or a terrace with a view. A good idea is to place it in front of the kitchen island, your dining zone or a breakfast nook because this will give you an opportunity to enjoy outside while cooking or eating. A great view is a cool way to transform the space into a very inviting one, just open the windows and relax a bit! Click To Read More

33 Cottage Kitchen Design Ideas To Inspire You

These days, the trend in kitchens seems to be towards brightness and whiteness: light colors, light marble, shiny subway tile. With this article, we’re taking things in the opposite direction: we’ve rounded up kitchens that are rustic, warm, dark, cozy — the perfect kitchen for the cozy cottage of your dreams. Rustic wooden and brick walls, rustic shabby kitchen islands, old hearths and fireplace – all these things will help you to make your kitchen cozy and inviting. Go for vintage and shabby chic furniture and don’t hesitate to use dark shades as they make a statement. Enjoy the kitchens below and get inspired! Click To Read More

33 Stunning Kitchens Design With Exposed Wood Beams

Exposed wooden beams is what gives any space a character, and if they are restored ones, it’s even history. I love kitchens with wooden beams because they look dreamy and just amazing, they help you to create a real heart of any home, where everyone would gather. Beams can suit any decor style – farmhouse, rustic, modern, minimalist, glam, masculine or feminine, art decor and so on, they perfectly fit any kitchen. I also love the idea of vertical beams as they continue décor and help you dividing zones, for example, separate cooking and eating spaces. Look at the beautiful ideas below and I’m sure, you’ll feel inspired! Click To Read More

23 Amazing Wooden Kitchen Design Ideas To Try

A wooden kitchen might be strongly associated with the traditional design but there are ways to use wood in the kitchen that would break every stereotype. The beauty and charm of wood is that it can be so different and it goes well with every color. Once you’ve decided on your kitchen’s colors scheme you can easily add a wooden detail to it and it most probably will still work. When choosing a wooden kitchen design look further than what is usually offered. While traditional kitchens can be designed to look beautiful, in their original state they are mostly boring. Add matching floors to that and you get a uniform kitchen that is old fashioned and too matchy-matchy. Beside the texture wood is easy to transform with the different finishes. There are more options that you can see below and get inspired! Click To Read More

34 Chalkboard Kitchen Wall Ideas To Get Inspiration

Chalkboard pieces are amazing for any type of space because they are easy and interactive, and today I’d like to tell you how to rock chalkboard in the kitchen. I’m absolutely convinced that there’s no better place for using chalkboards than a kitchen – they are so functional! You can make an accent wall to write your messages and your buying on it; another way is to accentuate a whole zone with chalkboard, for example, a cooking zone or a breakfast zone, or an oven zone. Kitchen backsplashes, cabinet doors, storage and spice containers, even tables – this is just a part of the list of ideas to rock. Get inspired! Click To Read More